Room temperature development of two-dimensional van der Waals (2D-vdW) supplies is indispensable for state-of-the-art nanotechnology because it supersedes the requirement of elevated development temperature accompanied with further excessive thermal budgets, and the opportunity of intrinsic interfacial thermal diffusion associated deterioration of useful properties. Right here, we demonstrated the expansion of ultrawide-bandgap boron nitride (BN) at room temperature through the use of the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) course of and demonstrated numerous functionalities for potential functions. Complete chemical, spectroscopic and microscopic characterization confirms the expansion of ordered nano-sheet-like hexagonal BN (h-BN). Functionally, nanosheets present hydrophobicity, excessive lubricity (low coefficient of friction), low refractive index inside the seen to near-infrared wavelength vary, and room temperature single-photon quantum emission. Our work unveils an vital step that brings a plethora of functions starting from the exact design of photonic gadgets, quantum info expertise, clear lubricant coatings, chemically inert capping layers for corrosive and ambient-air degradable supplies, and 2D versatile nano-electronics, thus making a situation for “h-BN on demand” at frugal thermal price range.

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