Mega Sceptile is coming to Mega Raids in Pokémon Go. Thankfully, we right here at iMore have every thing you’ll want to know to beat it and add this highly effective new Mega Pokémon to your roster.

Who’s Mega Sceptile in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon 254 Sceptile Mega

(Picture credit score: The Pokémon Firm)

The Mega Evolution of Gen III’s Grass starter, Mega Sceptile is a extremely anticipated Mega Pokémon. Sceptile has already been featured in lots of occasions, together with Neighborhood Day, so odds are you have already got just a few. It is also the final remaining Grass sort Mega Pokémon.

In Pokémon Go, Mega Sceptile beats Mega Venusaur for harm per second, however it’s not fairly as sturdy. It additionally positive factors Dragon sort, giving it fascinating weaknesses and resistances. This can be a raid you will not need to miss, so make sure to take a look at our finest Pokémon Go equipment, so that you’re absolutely geared up.

Mega counters

Pokémon Go Mega Energy

(Picture credit score: Niantic)

There are a handful of choices for Mega Evolution when countering Mega Sceptile, specializing in a few of its weaknesses: Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice sort. Nevertheless, Ice is a double weak spot, in order that’s going to be the best choice.

Mega Abomasnow

Pokémon 460 Abomasnow Mega

(Picture credit score: The Pokémon Firm)

Mega Abomasnow is the most suitable choice for this raid, as it’s at the moment the one Ice sort Mega. As an Ice and Grass sort, it resists Grass and Floor sort harm, however Bug and Flying sort strikes hit for tremendous efficient harm. Powder Snow and Climate Ball are the strikes your Mega Abomasnow ought to know when dealing with Mega Sceptile.

Mega Latios

Pokémon 381 Latios Mega

(Picture credit score: The Pokémon Firm)

Whereas Ice is the popular sort right here, if you happen to can not swing Mega Abomasnow, Mega Latios is the subsequent best choice. As a Psychic and Dragon sort, he resists Grass sort harm, however Dragon and Bug sort strikes hit further arduous. Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw are Latios’s finest strikes on this combat.

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