After we say Cross-Linked Polyethylene, you would possibly surprise what it’s. But when we are saying PEX, you would possibly keep in mind these colourful pipes which might be slowly dominating the residential plumbing. Whether or not it’s copper or PEX, we have now correct fittings and becoming a member of strategies in order that we will route the pipes to all corners of the home. Talking of becoming a member of PEX Pipes, we have now PEX Crimp Connections and PEX Clamp Connections. These two connections assist us in securing the PEX Pipe to a becoming or one other pipe. However how do PEX Crimp vs Clamp connections examine? Is one sort of connection superior to different?

If you’re new to PEX Pipes and their fittings and connections, this information is only for you. Right here, we are going to discuss PEX Crimp vs Clamp Connections and show you how to perceive the variations between the 2.

What’s PEX?

PEX is brief for Cross-linked Polyethylene. It’s a sort of versatile plastic that’s bolstered with chemical compounds (cross-linking) to present it further energy. It’s fairly fashionable in Europe because the late Nineteen Sixties however took a very long time to enter the U.S. market.

The first cause for that is the security issues of the PEX pipe as folks within the U.S. typically made comparisons between PEX and PB (Polybutylene). PB Pipes had a infamous response to chlorine which broken the pipe after a brief run.

However the chemistry of PEX pipes is solely completely different. PEX Pipe producers should comply with a number of requirements, specs, and codes with very tight management of the uncooked supplies and excessive QC requirements.

Because the Nineties, contractors, plumbers, and householders within the U.S. began utilizing PEX Pipes for all kinds of plumbing necessities as they have been less expensive than copper pipes and their versatile nature means you should use them for lengthy distances in addition to bend round corners.

In the event you have a look at catalogs of PEX Pipes, then you’ll discover colourful pipes (Crimson, Blue, and White). Is there any significance to the colours of the PEX Pipes? The straightforward reply isn’t any. Colours don’t indicate any bodily or chemical properties of the PEX Pipes.

However most plumbers usually use Crimson PEX Pipes to hold scorching water and Blue or White PEX Pipes to hold chilly or municipal water.

Preserving the colour of the PEX Pipe apart, we have now three kinds of PEX Pipes: PEX A, B, and C. Of those, the PEX-A Pipes are the most costly of the three. It is because they’re of considerably greater high quality than the opposite two and much more versatile.

If you’re searching for a bang for the buck PEX set up, then the PEX-B is the only option. Typically, we don’t see PEX-C Pipes in residential plumbing.

Becoming a member of PEX Pipes

We are able to use PEX Pipes with different kinds of pipes resembling Copper and PVC. For easy residential PEX Plumbing, you may get quite a lot of fittings and instruments to hitch the pipes.

Talking of becoming a member of PEX Pipes, there are alternative ways in which you’ll be part of them. All of the fittings are mechanical and don’t require glue or cement.

Do not forget that completely different PEX Pipe producers have their respective fittings and instruments. Interchanging PEX Pipes and fittings between completely different producers is usually not attainable and never advisable both (resulting from guarantee points)

Of the several types of PEX Fittings, solely two are highly regarded. They’re Chilly Growth Fittings and Plastic or Steel Insert Fittings.

Chilly Growth Fittings

Once more, in Chilly Growth Fittings, we have now Chilly Growth Fittings with PEX Strengthened Rings and Chilly Growth Rings with Steel Compression Sleeves.

Within the first sort, we have now to first insert a PEX-Strengthened ring on the finish of the PEX Pipe. Then, earlier than inserting the PEX Pipe into the steel or plastic becoming, we have now to develop the tip of the PEX Pipe (together with the ring) utilizing a particular expander device.

After inserting the PEX Pipe into the becoming, the reminiscence of the PEX pipe will retract and kinds a good seal.

Within the second sort, we have now to insert the PEX Pipe by way of a compression sleeve, which is often made up of brass. Then develop the tip of the PEX Pipe (solely the pipe) and slide it over the becoming (steel or plastic).

The reminiscence of the pipe will retract the pipe over the becoming. Then pull the compression sleeve over the connection to compress the pipe and type a good seal over the becoming.

Plastic or Steel Insert Fittings

On this sort, we use Crimp Rings, Metal Clamps, or Metal Sleeves to compress the pipe across the becoming. The fabric of the becoming may be brass, copper, bronze, or plastic.

As that is the primary matter of this dialogue and the PEX Crimp vs Clamp comparability, we are going to see extra about these within the subsequent part.

What’s PEX Crimp Connection?

The PEX Crimp is a single piece of copper ring that seals the connection between the PEX Pipe and the becoming (steel or plastic). The dimensions of the PEX Crimp Ring is marginally bigger than the PEX Pipe to be able to slide the pipe by way of it.

To make a PEX Crimp Connection, first, insert the PEX Pipe by way of the Crimp Ring. Push it barely above after which insert the tip of the PEX Pipe into the becoming.

Now, slide the Crimp Ring over the connection, and utilizing a particular PEX Crimp Instrument, press the crimp ring till it kinds a superb seal.

You need to use the PEX Crimp Ring with each metals in addition to plastic PEX fittings. Even should you don’t have the PEX Crimpling Instrument, you should use a easy plier to press down the crimp ring over the connection.

After crimping the ring, use a go/no-go gauge to test whether or not the connection is nice or not.


  • Very simple to put in and they’re previous and fashionable
  • One PEX Crimping Instrument is enough for various PEX Pipe sizes (get a Crimp Instrument with interchangeable jaws)
  • Though PEX Crimping Instruments can be found, you may get away with a pair of pliers
  • Safe connection with none leaks


  • Barely costly
  • Would possibly change into tough to take away the crimp connection for repairs
  • To be able to create a leak-proof seal, it’s worthwhile to apply lots of power

What’s PEX Clamp Connection?

Subsequent, we have now the PEX Clamp ring that’s made up of stainless-steel. It is usually referred to as Pinch Ring. It has a notch and visual jaws quite than a easy ring.

The process to make use of the sort of connection can also be much like the Copper Crimp ring. First, slide the Metal Clamp Ring over the pipe after which insert the tip of the PEX Pipe over the becoming. Then push the metal clamp over the connection.

Now comes the vital half. To be able to make the seal utilizing the metal clamp ring, you want a particular PEX Clamping Instrument or Pinching Instrument.

It’s a sort of ratcheting device that releases solely after making a superb seal (with a correct crimp of the metal ring). The device pinches the notch and, on this course of, the jaws of the ring clamp to the pipe and seal the connection.

Not like the copper crimp ring, which squeezes throughout the ring, the metal clamp ring solely applies power on the jaws of the ring.


  • Putting in and eradicating PEX Clamps is simple
  • You need to use it even in tight and awkward locations
  • Utilizing one PEX Clamp Instrument, you’ll be able to join metal clamps of various sizes
  • There’s a clear visible distinction between pinched and un-pinched clamp
  • No want for gauges
  • Metal Clamp Rings are sturdy and low-cost


  • The supply of Metal Clamp Rings and PEX Clamp Instruments was very uncommon. However issues are altering slowly
  • You want a particular pinching device or PEX Clamping device to make use of the metal clamp rings

PEX Crimp vs Clamp Connections

Now that we have now seen PEX Crimp and Clamp Connections allow us to go forward and make a comparability of PEX Crimp vs Clamp Connections.

1. Materials

PEX Crimp connections use Copper Rings whereas PEX Clamp connections use Stainless Metal rings. Other than copper, it’s also possible to get PEX Crimp rings in brass.

2. Usability

Each these becoming connections are very simple to make use of. For PEX Crimp Rings, technically you don’t want any sort of device and you’ll crimp utilizing pliers. However there are instruments out there out there that makes the job very simple.

After putting in the PEX Crimp rings, it is extremely tough to take away the rings from the pipes.

To be able to set up PEX Clamp Rings, you want a particular pinching device or PEX Clamping device that pulls the tabs on the rings and lets the jaws of the ring make contact with the pipe. You’ll be able to simply take away the clamp rings sooner or later.

3. Sturdiness

Stainless Metal rings are barely extra sturdy than copper rings. Additionally, stainless-steel is corrosion-resistant. However copper alternatively would possibly type an oxide layer on the highest which may result in corrosion.

Coming to the seal created by PEX Crimp and Clamp connections, each are environment friendly in creating leak-proof seals.

4. Value

Now, the vital issue. The general value of PEX Crimp Rings and the PEX Crimp Instruments is barely greater than the PEX Clamp counterparts.

It is because crimp rings are made up of copper (which is expensive) whereas clamp rings are made up of stainless-steel.

One other issue is the instruments. Though you’ll be able to create a PEX Crimp Reference to a pair of pliers, professionals and consultants suggest the PEX Crimp Instrument. The draw back with the device is it’s measurement particular i.e.; you want completely different instruments (or one device with a number of jaw attachments) to make use of with completely different crimp ring sizes.

This isn’t an issue with Metal Clamp Rings. Though you want a particular pinching device or PEX Clamp Instrument, you should use one device with completely different clamp ring sizes.

Parameter PEX Crimp Connection PEX Clamp Connection
Materials Largely Copper however typically brass Often, Stainless Metal
Set up Very simple to put in. You’ll be able to set up it with or with out PEX Crimping Instrument. However it’s worthwhile to apply extra stress to make a leak-proof seal Straightforward to put in. You want a particular PEX Clamp Instrument or Pinching Instrument to tug the tabs of the ring. It’s a ratcheting device and also you don’t have to use big stress
Compatibility PEX Crimps are suitable with all PEX Pipes and Fittings (steel and plastic) PEX Clamps are suitable with all PEX Pipes and Fittings (steel and plastic)
Sturdiness Because the rings are made up of copper, the connection is much less sturdy Because the rings are made up of stainless-steel, the connection is powerful and sturdy
Corrosion Resistance There’s a good likelihood that the copper ring oxidizes over time Stainless-steel has wonderful resistance to oxidation and is usually corrosion free
Effectivity Superb. Could make a superb leak-proof seal Superb. Even Clamp rings could make a superb lea-proof seal
Value Barely costly. If you’re utilizing the PEX Crimping device, you want completely different measurement instruments for various PEX Pipe sizes Inexpensive. You solely want one device to pinch metal clamp rings of various sizes

Which is Higher PEX Crimp or Clamp?

Now comes the vital query, which is best, PEX Crimp or Clamp? Each PEX Crimp and Clamp rings are suitable with every kind of PEX fittings (steel or plastic) and all PEX Pipe Sizes.

The method of putting in crimp rings and clamp rings can also be very related (aside from the ring and power, clearly). And the vital factor is each PEX Crimp Connection and PEX Clamp Connection could make a superb and environment friendly leak-proof seal.

Listed below are some benefits of the PEX Crimp connection over the Clamp connection. It’s an previous and established fashion of connection and plenty of plumbers are aware of its implementation and efficiency.

In consequence, there is no such thing as a scarcity of crimp rings and related instruments. Talking of instruments, after making a PEX Crimp Connection, we will use a go/no-go gauge to test whether or not the seal is nice or not.

You don’t must be an skilled to use this connection. In reality, for smaller connections, you may get away with the crimp ring and a pair of pliers.

What are the benefits of the PEX Clamp connection over the crimp connection? The very first thing is putting in and eradicating the metal clamps could be very simple. The price of the clamp rings is much less and as they’re constituted of stainless-steel, they’re sturdy sturdy, and corrosion-resistant.

Utilizing a single PEX Clamp Instrument, you’ll be able to set up metal or copper clamps of varied sizes.

We hope that the above dialogue helped you in selecting one sort of connection over the opposite. If not, listed here are our solutions.

If you’re engaged on a small set up or a DIY undertaking, then you should use both of the 2, supplied you may have the mandatory materials and instruments. In the event you don’t have the instruments, then you’ll be able to go together with the copper crimp rings as you’ll be able to seal them with pliers.

We all know that PEX Clamp Connection wants a particular pinching device. That is helpful in case you are concerned in a big undertaking or a number of tasks. Metal Clamps are additionally simple to take away.

Lastly, the selection of PEX Crimp vs Clamp connection boils down to non-public choice.


PEX Pipes are slowly turning into the mainstream plumbing materials within the U.S. Trendy residential plumbing system typically attempt to incorporate PEX pipes in by some means (to hold municipal water, scorching water, and so on.).

If you’re putting in or repairing a PEX Piping system, then you definitely should be aware of several types of becoming a member of strategies, fittings, and connections.

On this information, we noticed the fundamentals of PEX Pipes and a few widespread PEX becoming a member of strategies. After that, we centered on PEX Crimp vs Clamp set up and checked out their set up process, execs, and cons.

We additionally made a easy side-by-side comparability of the PEX Crimp vs Clamp connection after which answered the vital query “which is best, PEX Crimp or PEX Clamp?”.

In the event you really feel we missed one thing or need us so as to add something, do tell us within the connections part beneath. It won’t solely assist us however even different readers.

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