The formation of a built-in electrical discipline (BIEF) can induce the electron-rich and electron-poor counterparts to synergistically modify the digital configurations and optimize the binding strengths with intermediates, thereby resulting in excellent electrocatalytic efficiency. Herein, a important evaluation relating to the idea, modulation methods, and functions of BIEF is comprehensively summarized, which begins with the basic ideas, along with some great benefits of BIEF for enhancing electrocatalytic reactions. Then, a scientific abstract of the superior methods for the modulation of BIEF together with the in-detail mechanisms in its formation are additionally added. Lastly, the functions of BIEF in driving electrocatalytic reactions and a few cascade methods for illustrating the conclusive position from the induced BIEF are additionally systematically mentioned, adopted by the views on the longer term deployment and alternative of the BIEF design.

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