Type validation has all the time been my least favourite a part of net improvement. It’s essential duplicate validation on each consumer and server sides, deal with a great deal of occasions, and fear about type component styling. To assist type validation, the HTML spec added some new type attributes like required and sample to behave as very fundamental validation. Do you know, nonetheless, which you can management native type validation utilizing JavaScript?


Every type component (enter, for instance) gives a validity property which represents a ValidityState. ValidityState appears one thing like this:

// enter.validity
  badInput: false,
  customError: true,
  patternMismatch: false,
  rangeOverflow: false,
  rangeUnderflow: false,
  stepMismatch: false,
  tooLong: false,
  tooShort: false,
  typeMismatch: false,
  legitimate: false,
  valueMissing: true

Every property within the ValidityState can roughly match a particular validation difficulty: valueMissing would match the required attribute, tooLong and tooShort match minLength and maxLength, and many others.

Checking Validity and Setting a Customized Validation Message

Every type area gives a default error message for every error sort, however setting a extra customized message per your utility is probably going higher. You need to use the shape area’s setCustomValidity to create your personal message:

// Verify validity

if(enter.validity.valueMissing) {
  enter.setCustomValidity('That is required, bro!  How did you neglect?');
} else {
  // Clear any earlier error

Merely setting the message by setCustomValidity would not present the message, nonetheless.


To get the error to show to the person, use the shape component’s reportValidity technique:

// Present the error!

The error tooltip will instantly show on the display screen. The next instance shows the error each 5 seconds:

See the Pen Untitled by David Walsh (@darkwing) on CodePen.

Having hooks into the native type validation system is so helpful and I want builders used it extra. Each web site has its personal consumer aspect validation styling, occasion dealing with, and many others. Let’s use what we have been supplied!

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